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It's October and I'm wearing tights, darn it

Hey, remember how we had that delightful "cold" snap this weekend? We all left our windows down and went frolicking around town and posted Instagrams of the sun hovering over the crystal waters?

Yeah, that was all cool. But even before the glory that was Sunday, I was taking advantage of the temperatures dropping a mere four or five degrees. Pretty much every day last week, I wore tights.

I know, I know. It's really not cool enough in Florida for tights yet. But I had my reasons, primarily that a new pair of shoes injured the back of my heel and my feet needed time to mend. Tights and boots were the perfect way to still look presentable while not tottering around in painful heels.

But, really, I just love them. Here's why:

1. Tights streamline any look. You can make yourself a million miles long with a monochrome application of a black tight with a black shoe (or a maroon tight with a maroon boot, as I did last week).

2. Those pesky skirts you're worried are just an inch or two too short for work? Tights! The answer to all life's conundrums!

3. No shaving. No pedicure. Can I get an up-top, muh ladies?

4. I don't know why, but I just find tights impossibly cozy and comfortable. They tuck everything in just a little and make me stand a touch taller.

5. Fashion! There are tights aplenty out there in the style world and they're a pretty affordable way to mix up your style. And guess what? WE HAVE A SLIDESHOW. Click up above to sail through tights heaven, and wiggle into your favorite pair with me. You'll make me look more sane.

Wanna buy? Check out some of the offerings we've been browsing from Modcloth, Hue and Asos, but know that you can scan the good, old-fashioned hosiery aisle at your local discount store for plenty of cheapie fall options, too.