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Jason Derulo's crew kicked off Southwest flight

What do you do when Southwest Airlines kicks your posse off a flight? Buy your own private jet, of course.

That's what Jason Derulo plans to do after his bodyguard allegedly got into an argument with TSA agents in Reno on Saturday. According to TMZ, the singer and his crew were traveling to Los Angeles when one person in the group was denied access to the TSA precheck line. That's when Derulo's bodyguard got angry and ruined everything for everyone.

The group was banned from boarding, but a rep for the airline says the 25-year-old Want to Want Me singer was allowed on the plane. When the other men attempted to forcibly board, airport security escorted them off.

It's all good, though. Derulo tells TMZ, "I'm buying a plane this month," so we guess his friends can be as rude as they want now.