Jeb Bush directs Common Core criticism to Obama

Published Sep. 15, 2014

In a rare sit-down interview, Jeb Bush discusses foreign policy and education with the Washington Post's conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin. What stood out is his dealing with Common Core, an issue that has dogged him.

"In the last year or year and a half there has been a stalling-out of the comprehensive reform movement," he told Rubin.

She writes:

Interestingly, Bush does not castigate Common Core critics for peddling misinformation about the state-developed standards. Instead he invokes a theme conservatives find familiar: "The principal reason [for the fight] has been the president. There is no trust he will faithfully enforce the law." He points to the administration's conditioning No Child Left Behind waivers on adoption of Common Core or equivalent standards, a practice driven not by legislation but by executive whim. "I respect the frustration. But those who oppose Common Core need to finish the sentence. 'I oppose Common Core … but I want high expectations for my child, for my schools."

Bush ticks off the list of must-haves in education beginning with "higher standards" – and without invoking Common Core specifically. He goes down the list: "Accurate testing, shifting to teacher effectiveness – and being able to fire bad teachers, school choice, embrace digital learning. We know these have yielded great results."