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Jeb Bush has a budding John Kasich problem

Published Aug. 19, 2015

PETERBOROUGH, N.H. — Forget the bombastic Donald. What Republicans really need to win back the White House is someone who has successfully governed a mega swing state, a straight talker who might sometimes tick off the GOP's base but has proven how a conservative problem-solver can have broad appeal.

If that sounds like an argument for Jeb Bush, think again.

It's Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a late entrant into the crowded Republican presidential field, who could pose a real problem for the former Florida governor if he keeps winning over the pragmatic Republican voters that Bush is banking on to deliver him the nomination.

Kasich (pronounced KAY-sik) is virtually tied with Bush in New Hampshire polls — the average compiled by has Trump with 24.5 percent support, Bush at 11 percent, Kasich at 10, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at 7.5 — after the a well-received debate performance earlier this month....

...Palm Beach resident Gay Gaines, a top GOP fundraiser who had been helping raise money for Rubio and Walker, is now all in for Kasich. Devout Christianity guides Kasich's priorities, and in some cases makes him an unconventional Republican standard-bearer, she said, but that and his "no B.S." style are part of his strength.

"You've got to back somebody who can win," said Gaines, a self-described "staunch conservative" who has known Kasich for decades. "You're never going to find a candidate who is perfect on every issue, but you've got to find a person you can trust."

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