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Jeb Bush to take immigration fight with Trump to the border

Jeb Bush will travel to the U.S.-Mexico border on Monday to meet with local officials about immigration issues, his campaign said.

Bush is to meet privately in McAllen and then visit a restaurant to discuss his visit with reporters.

"Governor Bush is the only candidate in the presidential field who has put forward a serious, conservative, comprehensive set of solutions to fix our broken immigration system," his campaign said. "His plan stands in stark contrast to the $500 billion+ plan offered by Donald Trump. As Governor Bush tweeted earlier today: 'His massive inconsistencies aside, @realDonaldTrump's immigration plan is not conservative and does not reflect our nation's values."

Trump released his immigration plan last week and the issue has dominated the presidential race. He mocked Bush on Twitter today. "Jeb Bush signed memo saying not to use the term "anchor babies," offensitve. Now he wants to use it because I use it. Stay true to yourself!."