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Jill Kelley makes surprise appearance at star-studded Washington D.C. party

The Friday night cocktail party before this weekend's White House Correspondents Dinner was hosted by People and Time Magazine. It was held at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington D.C. And it featured celebrity guests from Mad Men, Saturday Night Live and even reality TV's Duck Dynasty.

But it was Tampa's own Jill Kelley who "stole the spotlight" with an unexpected appearance, according to The Hill, which reported on Kelley's attendance at the party along with the Washington Post and POLITICO.

The Post reported that it asked Kelley, you're back in Washington?

And Kelley, who was wearing a jade-green goddess gown, answered, "Oh, I'm here every weekend."

But at a party full of journalists, the Post asked. Don't you hate journalists? (After all, they camped out in front of her Bayshore Boulevard mansion after she complained to an acquaintance at the FBI about receiving harassing emails from Paula Broadwell, the mistress to David Petraeus. That exploded into a scandal that cost Petraeus his job as head of the CIA and led to news stories about Kelley that prompted South Korea to revoke her status as its honorary consul.)

Kelley said, "It's like with any profession. You need to have truthfulness and accountability. My husband is a surgeon. He shouldn't tell people they have cancer if they don't."

The Post also reported that Kelley "told us that while she has done the Correspondents weekend in a bigger way in the past — an ambassador friend got her into the Bloomberg parties — she was only here with a publicist pal for Friday's event before returning to Tampa tomorrow."

Since November, when the Petraeus scandal blew up, Kelley has written essays calling for more privacy protection for the Washington Post and Bloomberg Businessweek.