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Jim McElwain goes off on Florida Gators: 'That was embarrassing'

Published Sep. 13, 2015

Florida held on for a 31-24 win over East Carolina, but the lingering part of Saturday's game might be first-year coach Jim McElwain's, uh, unhappy news conference afterward. Here are some notable excerpts:

(Opening statement)

That was embarrassing. Our lack of playing with discipline and understanding how you play the game crept up. It was embarrassing. Penalties inside the red area. We've got a long ways to go. It starts with understanding selfish acts hurt the team, and it will be dealt with. It's not how it's going to be around here anymore.

Over the last 10 years, the most penalized team in the league- in the country. It's not gonna happen. We've got to learn.

It was embarrassing. It was embarrassing to our administration, our university. It almost came back to bite us in the end.

There were some decent things that went on, but there were a heck of a lot worse bad things than there were good things. So there's not a lot of positives to talk about other than the fact that we figured out a way to win a ball game. It's not the brand or style of ball we're going to play.

We were inconsistent offensively. Defensively, obviously after the first one, not getting off to a fast start, they settled into the game, played pretty decent. Lost special teams. Questions?

Q: Jim, it seemed like you had trouble--

We had trouble all day. No kidding. You must have watched the game. It was horrible. It was inexcusable.

Q: Particularly on the offensive line--

I don't care wherever it was. It was all over the field.

Q: What can you do as a coach to…

You correct the mistakes. Part of it is, you can't enable the behavior to happen continually. Just like you probably will with your kids one day, right? You've got to teach them. It's not okay. It's not okay to act that way. It's not okay to call attention to yourself, when a selfish act hurts the whole team. It's not okay. It isn't like we didn't know what they were going to run, and their D-line took it to us…It was ridiculous. Next?

Look, the idea is to go ahead and win the game, right? We won the game. But that's not acceptable. It's not acceptable. And you guys should be embarrassed having to write about it. Anything else?

…Missed field goals. Didn't come for a participation ribbon. Came to win the game.

It started Monday. We had 30-plus guys didn't have their ankles taped for the first meeting. Thirty plus. Before I got here, it was a lot more. That's unacceptable. You have to come prepared. That was a look into maybe what was going to go on this week.

They were feeling good about themselves. For what? Because they took care of one opportunity? Look, the thing in life, you don't get many opportunities. So how are you going to let one slip away when you've got a chance to go play a game? To answer your question, and I talked to them about it. I said look. It came to be. The way you prepare is how you're going to play. It's inexcusable. If we do that, shoot. It's not the way you play. It's not the way you prepare. It's not the way you give up yourself for the benefit of others. It's a bunch of entitlement. Entitled for what? How about investing?

Q: Coach, are you surprised at all. You mentioned the team's preparation. Were you surprised at all, how many penalties and the unsportsmanlike penalties?

That's what I said. Didn't I already address that? Do you want me to go over it again? Do you want me to type it for ya? Because I will. My grammar's not great, okay? I'll try….

I'll see them on Monday. We'll correct the mistakes. Bury it. Tear off the rearview mirror and get ready to go play a very good Kentucky team on the road that arguably beat us a year ago here and is going to have a lot of confidence, new stadium, new facilities, a lot of energy. I'm sure right now they're going to look at this and say you know what? We're gonna beat these guys. Thanks.


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