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John Romano column: 2015 in running for worst year in Florida politics history

What a year it has been in Florida politics. Who better to explain that than Tampa Bay Times columnist John Romano. Read his latest column here. An excerpt:

It is the uncompromising devotion to folly that you have to applaud.

In the face of judicial demands, public ridicule and private heartburn, legislators still managed to end a special session on redistricting Friday in complete disarray.

More importantly, they kept alive the distinct possibility that we may soon be able to proclaim 2015 as the most pathetic year in the history of Florida politics.

Sacrilege, you say!

After all, this is a state that single-handedly held up a presidential election in 2000. It bungled the 1876 presidential election, too. For crying out loud, this is a state that elected Rick Scott as governor. Twice!

Considering such an inglorious history, how could 2015 possibly be in the running as the worst of the bunch?

Simple. It is the consistent stupidity. The relentless undermining and backstabbing. It is the utter dedication to self-interest in the guise of public service.