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John Romano column: The Bondi-Trump fairytale gone wrong

Tampa Bay Times columnist John Romano with another must-read column. Here's an excerpt:

She became Attorney General, and all was good for a time. The people were able to go about their chores without worry or reflection. And they hardly noticed that their hero had slowly begun to change.

Instead of fighting for the defenseless, she dined with the powerful. Her actions never seemed to match her words. She turned haughty and unavailable. Almost unrecognizable to those who once adored her.

Soon, word came of a Rich Man who had been selling promises in the territory. He collected bundles of coin, and yet all of his promises turned out to be empty.

Help us, the people shouted to the Attorney General! Pursue this Rich Man and force him to return the hard-earned gold he has taken from us.

The Attorney General would later say that she did not hear the people shouting. That their complaints were intercepted by her servants who saw no reason to inform her of the accusations.

Instead, the Attorney General called on the Rich Man and asked if he would be her patron. To bestow upon her some of his riches so that she may remain atop the legal mountain.

And this he did.

Column here.