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Johnny may have hated jazz, but he loved this '80s tune

Published Jan. 3, 2016

It's true confession time today on the blog. My confession is that I never really cared for Shattered Dreams by Johnny Hates Jazz. Does that mean I hate Johnny Hates Jazz? Not really, after all we all have a heart, maybe even a Heart of Gold.

In 1988, the English white soul band hit American gold with the ballad Shattered Dreams that reached No. 2 on the pop charts and ended up as the No. 26 overall single in 1988 and continues to be played regularly on retro stations. While most view Johnny Hates Jazz as a one-hit wonder, their follow up single I Don't Want To Be A Hero made the U.S. Top 40 as well. In their home country, Johnny Hates Jazz landed four hits off their debut album with the last one being Heart Of Gold. The upbeat Heart Of Gold and slick video might win you over if you find Shattered Dreams too mellow.

After the '80 ended, Johnny Hates Jazz's lead singer Clark Datchler quit the band and JHJ encountered a sophomore slump and compiled their woos when two of its members suffered serious injuries in a car accident on the eve of the second album's release. Datchler came back in Johnny Hates Jazz and in 2013 they released a new album of material entitled Magnetized.


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