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Justin Bieber: I'm on a boat! (that belongs to someone else)

Bieber's film? Yes. Bieber's boat? No.
Bieber's film? Yes. Bieber's boat? No.
Published Apr. 14, 2014

Look, everyone! Another fancy mode of transportation Justin Bieber is showing off but doesn't actually own. Weird, since the pop star could undoubtedly buy all of the things.

So, remember that time (last week) when the Biebs shared a photo of himself in a $2 million supercar that he captioned "My first Bugatti," which was actually just a loaner from rapper Birdman? Us, too. Welp, dude's at it again.

This time the Boyfriend singer shared a photo of himself on a yacht named Never Say Never, which just so happens to be the name of his 2011 3D concert film. He captioned the pic, "It was about that time." Would lead one to believe this boat is his, no? Well, surprise! It's not.

Mirror Online says the luxury vessel actually belongs to a family trust based in Florida. Also, it's the same boat used in the hilarial video I'm on a Boat by Lonely Island, so there was pretty much no getting away with this one.