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Katherine Heigl sues pharmacy chain Duane Reade for $6 million

Lesson learned: Keep Katherine Heigl out of your tweets.

A paparazzo captured the former Grey's Anatomy actress carrying Duane Reade bags in NYC last month, and the company's poor social media person made the ginormous mistake of including the unauthorized image in Twitter and Facebook posts without Heigl's consent. Now, there shall be hell and perhaps a boatload of cash to pay.

"Love a quick #DuaneReade run?" the Walgreen Co. subsidiary captioned the pic. "Even @KatieHeigl can't resist shopping #NYC's favorite drugstore."

The 15-page lawsuit, filed Wednesday, alleges the post was used to "imply falsely that Plaintiff endorses Defendant." Court documents obtained by the New York Daily News state, "use of plaintiff's image under these circumstances improperly exploited plaintiff's name and likeness, as a celebrity, for defendant's commercial advertising and purposes of trade, without authorization."

According to Reuters, Heigl's suit also says that she is "highly selective and well compensated" when she endorses a brand. So there. And per TMZ, the documents also claim she is "a highly successful television and motion picture actress, producer and celebrity," who "continues to be in high demand in the entertainment industry." (Insert laughter here.)