Katrina and the Waves a one-hit wonder? Only if you've forgotten these gems

Published September 2 2014
Updated September 2 2014

As Steve and Brad continue to rave on about the Retro Futura Tour, let's nor forget the female artist on the bill: Katrina Leskanich. Let's also not forget that Katrina & the Waves had more than one Top 40 hit in the ‘80s, even though everyone HAS forgotten that fact.

Walking On Sunshine is easily one of the most popular and overplayed songs of the ‘80s that has been remade countless times and has even been heard in my household on a  kid's toothbrush. Not only did Katrina & the Waves have another hit besides Sunshine, they had a total of three Top 40 hits including today's featured Do You Want Crying.

The Waves were part English-part American band and following the success of Sunshine released the single Do You Want Crying, a guitar-driven ditty that peaked at No. 37 in 1985.  Their third single was very poppy That's The Way that made it to No. 16 in 1989.

While their success in America dried up in the ‘90s, Katrina & the Waves followed in the steps of past winners Abba and Celine Dion by winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 with a tune called Love Shine A Light that surpassed Sunshine as the Waves biggest song in the UK.  The group broke up in 1999 and Leskanich still performs her Wave material along with her solo output, including a new album entitled Blisful that was released last month. http://www.katrinasweb.com/