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Kids' Week Finale: Sting and 'Love is the Seventh Way'

It's time to pick up the chalk and erase the blackboard as we wrap up Kids week on Lost and Found with the feel good Love Is The Seventh Wave by Sting.

Love Is The Seventh Wave was the third single off of Sting's first solo album Dream Of The Blue Turtles and peaked at No. 17 on the singles chart in 1985. The song title refers to the seventh wave, which is presumed to be the most powerful wave in a series of waves. In the song, love will overcome all problems and ends with an inside-joke as Sting mocks the lyrics for Every Breath You Take with silly rhyming like "every cake you bake".

The video for Love Is The Seventh Wave is a delightful showcase of children's drawings with "teacher" Sting inserted in the middle of the action riding elephants, camels, tanks and magic carpets. While he tours regularly, there is no news on when Sting will produce a new album or what musical style it will be as he has drifted from his '80s sound over the years. Even his native England still holds his '80s output as sacred as Every Breath You Take was recently voted as the favorite song of the '80s by England's upstart ITV (rival of the BBC).