Kris Humphries skips court appearance in Kim Kardashian divorce

Kim doesn't look happy about the hold-up.
Kim doesn't look happy about the hold-up.
Published Apr. 12, 2013

The judge in the Kris Humphries' divorce case against Kim Kardashian was pretty livid Friday after the NBA baller didn't show up in court for a mandatory settlement conference. It's almost like Kris wants to stay married to Kim to derail her life or something.

Humphries did not appear in a California court for the 8:30 a.m. meeting because he was still in New York, where he plays for the Brooklyn Nets, TMZ says. He apparently knew about the mandatory court appearance but didn't bother making a flight, which angered Judge Hank Goldberg.

Kim did show up, though, and answered all her questions, so she's off the hook. Goldberg ruled Humphries would have to attend another settlement conference on the 19th, and a sanction hearing to face possible fines. But hey, whatever makes things inconvennient for the mom-to-be, Kris is probably thinking. It's not like he can't afford it.