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Leftovers on Josh Johnson's NFL Draft prospects

Published Apr. 26, 2013

Hopefully you saw my story in today's paper on Pasco alum Josh Johnson, who played at Purdue and will likely be picked Saturday in the final four rounds of the NFL Draft.

A couple extras that didn't make the final version:

* Pasco coach Tom McHugh remembers one of the first times he watched Johnson play. McHugh was a peewee football official and saw Johnson rush into the open field, turn around and walk backwards into the end zone, waving the ball at his opponents.

McHugh still boasts that he was that his penalty flag was the first to hit the ground.

* It's hard to overstate how much he means to Pasco. McHugh said if a player is slipping into trouble, he often asks Johnson to call or text the player and set him straight.

When Trey Dudley-Giles was preparing for UMass, he wasn't always listening to his academic tutor. No one could get through to him – except for Johnson.

"He told me if you want to be at the Division I level, you have to get school work done," Dudley-Giles said. "He's there, so I should listen to him."

* Johnson is close to his family, but sibling rivalries exist, too. Freshman Nate Craig has always tried to top his older brother in everything.

"Nate, he has to do better than Josh," said their mother, Nicki.

Just as a young Johnson used to try to act out things he saw on Friday nights at Pasco, Craig has tried to emulate what Johnson did years ago.

"I remember him doing crazy things on the field – things I've never seen before," said Craig, a 6-3 receiver who already has offers from Texas Tech and UMass. "I was amazed by it. I used to try to do the things he did."

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