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Let them all talk, because Elvis Costello scored hits in the '80s too

A critic's favorite, Elvis Costello was the toast of rock critics during the late '70s and all throughout the '80s, but would all the talk lead to any hits in the '80s?

1983 was the year that Elvis Costello and his trademark oversized plastic glasses finally hit the Top 40 in America when Everyday I Write The Book was a minor hit off the Costello and the Attractions' Punch The Clock album. Even with the breakthrough, other singles from Punch The Clock missed the charts including Let Them All Talk, a horn-flavored jam that even missed the U.K. top 40.

Punch The Clock is on many Best Albums lists and includes one of my favorite Costello tunes Shipbuilding. Costello would finish with 17 Top 40 hits in the U.K. and only two in the U.S. (Veronica was the other one).

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