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As of Monday, texting while driving is illegal in Florida | Monday's letters

Published Jul. 1, 2019

Texting ban

Texting while driving is illegal

Distracted driving has been one of the leading causes in roadway accidents. In fact, Hillsborough County is ranked among the top five worst Florida counties for distracted driving with 4,301 crashes and 14 fatalities in 2018, according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Hopefully this will change, beginning Monday, with the implementation of a new, life-saving law that was signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis this session. Starting Monday, drivers on Florida roadways can be pulled over for texting while driving, and Florida drivers must be completely hands-free in all school and work zones.

The Fourth of July holiday is upon us and many Floridians and visitors will be on our roadways. It is very easy to get distracted during this travel time with family and friends.

There is also no better time than now to start creating new habits while behind the wheel. Check your phone before you begin your trip, use apps that block texting while driving, let a passenger check your phone for you, and pull over if you find that you need to use your phone during your trip, to name a few. As the proverb goes, it's better safe than sorry.

Logan McFaddin, Tallahassee

The writer is regional manager of the American Property Casualty Insurance Association of America.

The Constitution

Mr. President, please read it

The Constitution was written in 1787. It comprises 17 pages and can be read in approximately one hour. Since President Donald Trump is not king and is subject to interpretation of the law and its enforcement, would it be too much to expect him to read this document and follow its directives — as his oath of office requires him to do?

Robert P. Warner, Clearwater

Democratic presidential debates

Abortion and kids all alone

The self-righteous hypocrisy of all Democratic candidates for president denouncing the immorality of the temporary separation of children from adults illegally entering our southern border, while championing abortion — the ultimate and permanent separation of children from their parents — is utterly mind-blowing!

Cindy Fargo and Jean Cifelli, New Port Richey

Children's detention centers

Weird silence on this issue

As we learn that more and more Democrats, including those running for the presidency, have visited migrant children's detention centers, we hear absolutely nothing from Florida's Republican leaders — Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott — about the situation, even though one of these deplorable centers is in Homestead.

Am I the only person foolish to believe that, were these centers established and directed by a Democratic administration, their outrage would be loud, condemnatory and continuous? They have also been peculiarly silent about the fact that President Donald Trump's new blockade of Cuba has now driven more than 10,000 Cubans to Mexico, fleeing Cuba's collapsing economy. No thoughts about that, gentlemen?

Around election time, all three politicians pandered to Latinos and featured their own children in their campaign ads.

Stephen Phillips, St. Petersburg