Friday's letters: Attorney General Barr tried to manipulate public opinion

Published Apr. 18, 2019

The Mueller report

The voters will wise up in 2020

I have just finished watching the most stunning example of attempted manipulation I have ever seen by a law enforcement official. In his press conference ahead of the release of the Mueller report, Attorney General William Barr framed the report in the best light for the president. Barr is a gifted messenger, but with this move went too far, raising serious questions about the independence of his office. Unfortunately for the Trump-Barr communications team, many Americans see through the spin and are ready to respond to it with our votes. Come 2020, this divisive president — one who we now know for sure was elected with the help of the Russian government, even if that assistance wasn't invited — will no longer be able to hurt our country. He will be voted out of office and then, hopefully, our country can begin the long healing process we so desperately need.

Celeste Fitzgerald, Clearwater

Please don't arm teachers | Column, April 18

One good teacher with a gun

Let us remember that Columbine High School had an armed school resource officer. The shooters fired for several minutes before other police arrived. Had even one teacher had a weapon, that could have changed the outcome. As a parent, I feel safer today sending my kid to school. Is arming teacher a little overkill? Maybe But I, for one parent, am completely fine with it.

Hal Batey, St. Petersburg

Avoiding teachers with guns

We are on the brink of our state Legislature's voting to allow teachers to carry guns in their classrooms. This would thrust the onus of decision upon local school boards. Yet parents have an element of choice in deciding which school their child will attend. Can they also decide not to permit their child to enter a classroom in which the teacher has a gun? To choose their child over guns? I certainly would.

Bruce LeBaron, St. Petersburg

They chose guns over our teachers | Editorial, April 18

Thanks for alerting readers

Thanks to the Tampa Bay Times for identifying the Tampa Bay senators who ridiculously want to arm teachers. A better solution would be to arm all visitors who wish to visit Tallahassee and "talk" to their state representatives. Seems like a great idea!

Barry Koestler, St. Petersburg

What Ilhan Omar said, in context | Column, April 16

'Some people did something'

At least she didn't say, "There were good people on both sides."

Stephan Fugleberg, Tampa

Fox draws nearly 2.6M viewers for Bernie Sanders town hall | April 18

Where the viewers are

So Sen. Bernie Sanders upsets many Democrats for holding a town hall on Fox News Channel and almost doubles his viewer audience over his last town hall on CNN. He knows where the majority audience is on TV news outlets. Maybe the cornucopia of Democratic presidential candidates should take notice.

Lester Scates, Lithia