1. Letters to the Editor

Friday's letters: Too many infractions are felonies in Florida

Amendment 4 is very clear | Column, April 25

Florida has far too many felonies

I agree that Amendment 4 is very clear that those who have completed their sentences should automatically get back their right to vote, and any payments can be made over time after one has a job. One aspect hasn't been discussed: Are there too many infractions that result in a felony charge?

Look at Florida statutes, and you will find 38 pages of offenses that result in a felony charge. There are approximately 550 felonies and out of those, 158 are first degree. The rest are for third and second degree, which are not "heinous" crimes. People losing their right to vote because of "overcharging for repairs and parts" (Florida statute 860.15[3]) is counterproductive and makes a mockery of our judicial system. This is another reason I voted for the amendment: There are way too many infractions that should not result in a felony charge.

James Deveney, Pinellas Park

Kids detained, for a profit | Column, April 25

Follow the money: $775 a day

Well, as usual, isn't everything about the federal government all about the money? This news makes me sick. A private business warehouses immigrant youth at a "temporary influx facility" at a price of $775 per child per day. Count the money for 20 days: It equals $15,500 a month. How do you think a person who receives a total of approximately $771 per month for SSI benefits feels about this? This is outrageous to me, and I am sorry for our own citizens who have to suffer and live on such a measly amount of money each month.

Beverly Mask, Tampa

Texting bills stall amid legislative disconnect | April 25

Just hang up and drive

Are our chosen legislators really that dim? Can they not see that texting of any kind should be banned, period? Looking at your cellphone while driving for any reason is quite dangerous and irresponsible. Distracted drivers are a major cause of innumerable and unnecessary accidents and deaths. Please just stop the madness. Ban all uses of cellphones while driving a motor vehicle. Be responsible.

Susan Heller, Seminole

Fla. Senate approves bill to arm teachers | April 24

Please don't arm my teachers

As a student attending school, I beg of Gov. Ron DeSantis to please not sign the bill that would allow Florida teachers to be armed.

I don't care how much training or licensing or whatever they go through. I cannot imagine having one of my classmates speak out of turn, or a teacher get angry and kill an innocent student.

I cannot imagine having to be in an environment where I'm afraid to speak honestly because I know that somewhere in the classroom, my teacher has a weapon that they could very well pull out at any moment. My teachers don't deserve that burden either. They went to school to educate and care for students, and that's it.

Putting the responsibility of students' safety or as a "last resort" on them is unfair when it's our legislators' job as part of the Florida system to ensure that laws are put into place to protect us and that they themselves move to enforce them.

Do not arm teachers!

Comfort Anyanwu, Riverview