Give people at least the same odds that hunters give wild ducks | Thursday's letters

Published Aug. 7, 2019

Your guns aren't going away | Column, Aug. 7

Give people same chance ducks get

If you are a duck hunter you are required to use a plug that limits the magazine to three shells. This rule is intended to give ducks a fighting chance to evade being shot by a hunter armed with an auto-load shotgun. We, as conservatives, (mostly) agree this is a good rule to avoid decimating the wild duck population while advancing a policy of skill and accuracy. Our Constitution prevents taking away people's guns, but let's consider giving people the same consideration as wild ducks. For example: (1) permanently limit magazine capacity to three rounds; (2) allow only one magazine per gun; (3) possession of non-compliant magazines will be fined $10,000 per incident. The goal is not "gun control" but to give hunted people the same sporting chance we give wild ducks.

Bernard Waryas, Dunedin

At the Villages, few Trump critics | Aug. 7

Listen to other communities

I'm of the same generation of those folks profiled from the Villages. It appears that they are living a good life in retirement among like-minded people. I don't share their views or lifestyles. I would be interested in hearing from members of other communities directly affected by President Donald Trump's actions and policies such as Hispanics, Muslims, low-income folks, the ill and elderly or perhaps the unicorn that is African-Americans whose lives have been improved by Trump. What are the impacts to them?

Marlene Stalter, Temple Terrace

Yankee, go home

To use the language of their idol, 125,000 folks who immigrated from the North to Florida constitute an invasion. These aliens vote as a bloc and have transformed Florida politics. To paraphrase their leader: Send these Yankees back where they came from.

Robin George Yates, St. Petersburg

Carjacking victim found dead | Aug. 7

Look for facts, not scapegoats

People in the Villages object to those who blame the president for the recent mass shootings. They're right. Look at the incident of the 68-year-old Valrico man, newly retired, who was carjacked by a bank robber, recently released from prison, who is now accused of murdering the victim by strangling him. That man leaves a family with no father. Why was this criminal, with a record that dates to 1996, released early from prison? Who thought this was a good idea? Look at those facts; don't look for a scapegoat.

Ralph Savlov, Dover

Time to help or get out of the way | Column, Aug. 7

The attorney general is right

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody deserves a lot of credit for continuing to push to remove the assault weapons ban from the 2020 ballot. It is poorly written and would result in many weapons being classified wrongly as assault weapons. By its description, my 40-year-old Marlin Glenfield Model 60 semi-automatic .22 caliber rim fire rifle would be considered a military-style assault weapon because it has a fixed magazine that holds 18 rounds, but I certainly would not march into battle with it. Amendments, especially those that attempt to trample the Bill of Rights, should be crafted carefully to protect those rights.

Brian Boyle, Tampa