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Monday's letters: No one wants these roads to nowhere

Don't gamble with Florida's hospitals | Editorial, April 25

No one wants roads to nowhere

The proposal for these toll roads, begun by Senate President Bill Galvano, is a prime example of taxation without representation. No one has been clamoring for these roads — not any of the people I know and speak with up in north Florida, or anywhere else. That's because, as horrendous as these toll roads would be environmentally, they would be as destructive to Floridians economically. The costs for construction would be in the billions and billions, and future Floridians would be repaying bonds for decades to come. Not to mention the environmental devastation that would occur, wiping out countless acres of rural areas, wetlands, rare habitats and their occupants. All due to a handful of special-interest folk who would profit, big time, if these roads go through or near their lands. What a coincidence. We need existing roads to be improved or enlarged; fix what we have, make it better. Floridians by the thousands don't want — and can't afford — these destructive boondoggles encouraging sprawl, destroying our wild lands and farmlands, and putting us in economic bondage for decades to come.

Ron Thuemler, Tampa

Reading riddle | April 21

Reading is fundamental

I have followed your coverage of lack of reading proficiency by Hillsborough students. I was struck by student comments about reading skill; they seem to think learning to read is too hard and therefore a nuisance. This is very troubling. How do these students live day to day, not knowing how to read and not consider this a problem?

Thomas Klein, Tampa

Robbing teachers to pay charters | Column, April 23

With money, responsibility

We need to see a detailed plan of the responsibilities for charter schools accepting public money. Public schools perform many functions beyond classroom teaching. During hurricane season they become shelters, including handicapped and pet facilities. The schools used as hurricane facilities are staffed by school employees. Cafeteria personnel are required to inventory and keep food supplies on hand for these emergencies. They are called in to prepare and serve the food during times of extended sheltering. Will the same be asked of charter schools if they share in referendum money or private schools, if they accept vouchers? Will the responsibilities follow the money?

Margaret Golay, Tarpon Springs

What are Dems thinking? | Column, April 26

What is GOP thinking?

Columnist Ed Rogers is wrong to claim that our citizens are "over" the Trump-Russia connection. The whole country is reading the Mueller report. We are not fatigued, we are concerned that the president is trashing the Constitution. Now, reports emerge about Kirstjen Nielsen, the former chief of Homeland Security, detailing that the president cannot even be spoken to about Russia's interference in our election, much less be counted on to investigate this breach. And one of the attorneys on Trump's own transition team is calling for impeachment. The Democrats are not rushing to impeach because they know they do not have the votes from the Republicans in the Senate. I am wondering: What are Republicans thinking?

Ann Jamieson, Tarpon Springs