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Monday's letters: These mega-rich guys lack imagination

Rich men and imagination

Space? Been there, done that

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants to put a lander on the moon. Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk shot a car into space. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson is developing an aircraft that will reach space. Sounds amazing? Equating these feats, should they happen, to the 1969 moon landing, Sputnik (the first satellite), and Sally Ride (the first American woman in space) orbiting the Earth, respectively, though, shows how unimaginative the mega-rich are. This has all been done before, with more primitive technology, decades ago.

Unlike NASA's amazing feats in space, these large personalities and hoarders of wealth lack the imagination of the masses who have driven NASA throughout its long history. But allowing the accumulation of our wealth in the pockets of a few unimaginative individuals, and, at the same time, cutting public funding of everything from our schools to NASA itself, we are selling our society short. In fact, people are impressed by this space-replication braggadocio because we are sold a bill of lies by our "leaders" that private enterprise can accomplish more than we can as a collective society investing in ourselves to bring imagination and innovation to space and beyond. The same entities that drive this narrative (corporate America) do not want to invest in you and me. They want us to invest in them. And what we get in return is a complete lack of imagination and a degrading society — from schools to infrastructure to space.

Brad Rosenheim, St. Petersburg

Defying the will of the voters | Editorial, May 10

Restitution is necessary

Yes, the voters spoke on restoring felons' rights, but the case should be made for the restitution to victims. My sister's son died 18 years ago, and the young man responsible has been in and out of prison. He pays part of the restitution, then stops, and my sister has to file with the courts to get him to pay or be rearrested. Restitution for her son's funeral was part of his sentence. There is no easy way for this to be handled, but before considering the rights of those who committed the crime, consider the impact on those who are having to fight each month for restitution they are due.

Tim Keffalas, Tarpon Springs

'Shoe' comic strip | May 10

Capitalist and socialist

The United States is both capitalist and socialist. The government uses our taxes to help citizens in need. Those of us who use Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Social Security, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, etc, are benefiting from the socialist part of our government — not a bad thing. This has been going on for more than 80 years. Don't be afraid to be part socialist.

Tom Reid, Seminole

Pelosi pledges action on 'constitutional crisis' | May 10

It's Pelosi who wants to know

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said "this is about the American people and their right to know." I believe most Americans don't care about the Mueller report. They want jobs, affordable health care and cheaper drug prices, but Pelosi wants to waste more time on what Trump did or did not do. Whom does that benefit? Whenever I see a politician saying the American people need to know, it is more accurately the politician who wants to know for political purposes.

Jim Demmy, Kenneth City