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  1. Letters to the Editor

The best energy efficiency is not to use it in the first place | Monday's letters

Utilities don't care about saving power | Editorial, Aug. 18

Not using energy is most efficient

This editorial raises many great points about energy conservation, but these points barely scratch the surface of why cities like Tampa need to reduce their energy waste. From a purely economic position, study after study supports the conclusion that investing in energy efficiency is significantly cheaper than building more power plants. Energy efficiency is the low-hanging fruit that needs to be picked, and our state regulators can help apply pressure to the utilities to make that happen. Regulators at the Florida Public Service Commission ought to listen to the advice of cities like St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Largo and Sarasota — let's prioritize the cleanest, cheapest and easiest way to meet our electricity needs: energy efficiency.

Jeremy Halpern, Tampa

Humble 'rock star of dentistry' | Epilogue, Aug 15

A great and kind man

I was so sad to hear of Dr. Pete Dawson's death. I have been a dentist for 36 years. While I was a dental student in Buffalo, N.Y., and during my general practice residency at the VA Hospital in Buffalo, my instructors taught Dr. Dawson's principles of occlusion (the way people bite) and frequently quoted him. After practicing in the Tampa area, I decided to take some classes at Dr. Dawson's academy. I expected to find a man with an ego to match his reputation. He was extremely knowledgeable, but in addition, he was the kindest, most down-to-earth person. He answered all questions like they were important and remained so humble — a rarity for someone of his stature. He forever changed the way dentistry is practiced and was certainly the biggest influence in my career.

Ann Jamieson, St. Petersburg

As economies sink, can U.S. stay afloat? | Aug. 16

Enjoying Trump's economy

I think the media is playing games saying we are heading for a recession. I believe it's an attempt to undermine the president. If a recession is coming, why did I just promote a employee so I could add a second outside sales rep and hire a seventh employee? On top of that I just ordered a new box truck because the old van just was not getting it done. This American is enjoying the Trump economy.

James Dahmer, Tampa

Just apologize for slavery | Column, Aug. 16

Nothing to do with slavery

I know full well that I will be called several names but I just want to know why I must apologize for slavery. No one, not one person, in my family owned a slave. Not one of them was involved in the importation or sale of slaves. Family members in North Carolina and Pennsylvania assisted in the escape of slaves. Hundreds of thousands of white people were maimed or killed fighting to free the country of slavery. Who kidnapped and sold blacks into slavery? Other blacks in Africa. Who controlled the importation of slaves before the American Revolution? England did. There was a fairly serious abolition movement at the time that our country was born. Less than 100 years after the birth of this nation war was waged to end this horrid practice. I, for one, have nothing to apologize for. Slavery is long gone. It should be remembered as history and not the continuing cause for the evils of society today. There are many further discussions yet to come regarding those.

Wayne Parlow, Ridge Manor