1. Letters to the Editor

Thursday's letters: Students should take responsibility for their college debt

Warren introduces $1.2T plan to tackle student debt | April 23

Students owe it? They should pay

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If you run up your credit cards and can't pay them off, hire a firm to get you a reduced settlement and lower payments. You haven't paid your federal income taxes in years; there are firms that will work with the IRS to settle for much less than you owe. Buy a house that you can't afford, blame it on the banks and walk away from it. Now Elizabeth Warren wants taxpayers and companies to forgive up to $50,000 of student loans for those making less than $100,000. If you were smart enough to get into college, you should have been smart enough to figure out if the costs of the education you were receiving would allow you to pay off your loans in a reasonable amount of time. If not, maybe you should have gone to a community college the first two years and a less expensive college the last two years. Also, do like a number of students and work part-time or take off some time and work full-time. Why should taxpayers pay for your lack of self-restraint?

Tom Craig, Riverview

Teen activist blasts adults over climate change | April 24

Take a hike to save the planet

Children aggrieved with adults over climate change and carbon pollution are skipping school in protest. While this has a small effect on their carbon footprint, a more substantial and more inspiring movement would be a "walk and bike to school year."

Fire your chauffeurs. Refuse to be part of the idling, CO2-spewing traffic jam at the beginning and end of every school day. Shame us with your sacrifice. Or are you just another (rather annoying) part of the problem?

Michael Blom, Seminole

Mayor Castor | April 24

A better use of the money

What a great victory for Tampa. Jane Castor will be an outstanding mayor to continue moving Tampa forward. The shame of the entire election was that her opponent could have used the vast amount of money he personally spent on something worthwhile, such as homeless shelters, police dogs, defibrillators for all the schools, to name just a few examples.

Joseph Voskerichian, Tampa

A refreshing dose of reality

I was so glad to read of Jane Castor's victory. How many elections have we seen over recent years where the winning candidate did not speak on the real issues and outline credible solution strategies, but paid for an onslaught of negative ads against the opponent they viewed as the most serious contender and won? This is a refreshing result showing to me at least that there are people out there who aren't swayed by someone repeatedly stating that the sky is purple and fully accepting it as fact when everything in reality shows that it's really blue and always has been.

John Fought, Clearwater

Senate approves bill to arm teachers | April 24

Opt out of armed classroom

Does a student, or a parent, have the right to say that they do not want an armed teacher in the classroom where the student is being taught?

Calvin Branche, Hudson