1. Letters to the Editor

Thursday's letters: These housing board members need to go

Housing agency sues mayor | May 8

Board members need to be ousted

I had the opportunity to be employed in the public sector for more than 30 years. Never have I heard of such blatant disregard for the laws and standards for public bodies than have been exhibited by members of the St. Petersburg Housing Authority. Imagine this is your city council or board of county commissioners. Well, the same rules apply.

Issues regarding the Housing Authority came to public light when a new board member requested information. In my employment and as a volunteer board member of several organizations, I know it is standard practice that whenever a board member requests information, it is granted.

For one of the advisory boards I serve on, a videotape of the city attorney is given to each new member; it covers the Sunshine Law and the responsibilities of membership. Where was the housing authority attorney's guidance when there were ongoing violations of government in the sunshine?

Whether CEO Tony Love should be fired is another matter, but the three members need to be removed for failure to properly govern the Housing Authority and failure to adhere to Florida law.

Elithia Stanfield, Clearwater

Retire the term 'people of color' | Column, May 7

Education is the answer

I believe Nadra Widatalla makes an important point, but why limit the discussion to women? If people want to feel that they are included in our society, then we must stop highlighting groups as different. Concepts such as social justice or identity politics do not really aid the group addressed but only focus on differences and create antagonism. People who are successful are positive about their position in society.

The greatest contributor to success is education. School choice should be greatly expanded for the poor. Two-year community colleges should be considered an extension of the public education system: free, open to all and focused on preparing the student for a career path, whether it be college or the trades. Give people the ability to be self-reliant, support their family and contribute to society, and the feeling of separation will disappear.

George Post, Clearwater

State ban banning the plastic straw ban | Carlton column, May 5

Recycle if you can; don't litter

There is a simple solution to plastic straws and bags harming animals and our environment. Recycle or properly dispose of them.

John Delate, New Port Richey

Crushed. Melted. | May 8

Just another school shooting

It's official — we've been desensitized, as confirmed by the latest school shooting, in Colorado, being relegated to page 7A of Wednesday's paper. Amalie Arena's "crushed, melted" ice takes precedence.

Michelle Maccini, Seminole

'We're in trouble' | May 7

Let these bugs go extinct

The UN reports that over 1 million species of plants and animals will become extinct in coming decades. God, I hope lovebugs and mosquitoes are on that list.

Brian Boyle, Tampa