1. Letters to the Editor

Tuesday's letters: I won't be a nobody forever because my vote counts

The will of the voters

She will not be a nobody forever

I am a nobody. I have no voice. I, along with thousands of people directly involved with education such as educators, PTAs, communities and unions, wrote, emailed, called and visited legislators asking that teachers not be armed. Those contacts were ignored. Florida voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 4, which gave voting rights to felons who have completed the terms of their sentences. Legislators have decided to alter what voters wanted by adding restrictions, which now might make felons pay court costs and fees before being able to vote. Floridians spoke about money that was earmarked to be given specifically to public schools. But legislators, in their ploy to dismantle traditional public schools in order to promote charter schools, disregarded the will of the people, giving more money to charter schools in spite of the fact that charter schools are not held to the same rules. This year I am a nobody. But eventually, my voice will be heard.

Marilyn Warner, Clearwater

TV ad on drug imports is misleading | April 29

In need of affordable drugs

Since the U.S. government won't negotiate with drug companies in the United States, we have to go to other sources to get affordable drug care from wherever we can. I'm on a fixed income and can't afford a full-page newspaper ad or scary TV commercials like Big Pharma's. Let's remember that Big Pharma mass-produces addictive opioids that put more Florida lives at risk than all their trumped-up accusations about my blood pressure pills or cholesterol meds from Canada or wherever.

I would love to see the day when a full-page ad shows Big Pharma selling life-saving drugs for less than these so-called deficient foreign drugs. We get cheaper gasoline in this country than almost anywhere else in the world. Why not life-saving drugs?

Peter Barton, St. Petersburg

'Roll Tide!' license plates coming? | April 28

Not going to roll with this

Has the Florida Legislature finally, at long last, gone completely mad? First, ignoring the objections and mandates of taxpayers, lawmakers are going to let tax dollars go to private schools as vouchers instead of to struggling public schools. Next, legislators propose building a toll road to nowhere, surprising the counties involved and our state neighbor to the north. Now they want license tags honoring out-of-state (and rival) universities with the proceeds to be used to fund scholarships for Florida students attending those universities. How nice for Florida that its state universities are so wealthy that we can subsidize out-of-state schools by sending them scholarship money. We are horrified and embarrassed.

Merrill and Rena Stevens, Largo

Buckhorn's solid legacy | Editorial, April 28

Winners never quit

Back in 2003, I served on a mayoral political campaign that was pitted against Bob Buckhorn. As I witnessed his multiple defeats over the years, I was always impressed at his never-say-quit attitude. Buckhorn had the tenacity to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming one of Tampa's best mayors. He was our perfect cheerleader and was continuously seizing the opportunity to promote our community. I wish him the best of success in the future, and maybe he will return to run again in eight years?

Michael Merino, Tampa