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Tuesday's letters: Seeking common ground at WMNF

How we Jewish leaders feel about WMNF now | Column, April 23

Seeking common good at WMNF

We at WMNF are dismayed to find ourselves in this public discussion with the Jewish community. We do understand the response, though, by the authors. Their proposed show, after working with our former general manager, seemed to WMNF's programming committee to be focused on points of view that do not fit our mission statement. There was a range of responses to the program, with a general feeling that there was the beginning of what could be a good talk show centering around Jewish issues and news. As our mission statement guides us:

WMNF advocates for peace, social and environmental justice through independent media and programming neglected by the mainstream.

At times this can create a sense of discomfort within our listening audience. In fact, concerns about bias in coverage of Middle Eastern affairs was important enough an issue that a study by independent media experts at Kent State was conducted. The results revealed that while there was no bias in our coverage of the Jewish/Palestinian conflict, there was an opportunity to create more balance on the airwaves.

We remain committed to striking the right balance, not just on this issue, but across the spectrum. The above-mentioned study does refer to how listener bias can lead to feelings that the hosts are being negative or one-sided. WMNF has always worked to provide viewpoints and news not easily found in mainstream news and talk channels.

At our core, we remain committed to our mission and allowing underserved voices to be heard. We will continue to advocate for the underserved and will work diligently to resolve the concerns of the Jewish community. We want to continue to reach out to the Jewish community and leaders to find common ground. We believe that the majority of our listeners understand that there are many points of view around every issue, many of which are not heard in the mainstream press.

David Harbeitner, St. Petersburg

The writer is president of the board of directors of the nonprofit organization that operates WMNF-88.5 radio.

The Mueller report

No one knows what to do

The Mueller report turned out to be a confirmation of the generally accepted consensus. The administration existed, and still exists, on a foundation of half truths, untruths and conspiracy theories. At this point, nothing has changed except for the dashed expectations of the Robert Mueller faithful. Some pundits have indicated that Mueller cleverly laid out a template for further action. The problem is that no one seems to know how to proceed. Time to move on.

Dave Hepler, St. Petersburg

Traveler leaves trail of measles | April 22

Survival of the vaccinated

So there are those who don't believe in vaccination. With apologies to Darwin and the Bible: The smartest shall inherit the Earth.

Sue C. Lewis, Gulfport

Origin of SunPass fiasco is shady | April 21

A profitable fiasco

Once again our lovely new U.S. senator, Rick Scott, is involved in a scandal that profited him. I can hardly wait to see what he does in Washington.

Carlos Decisneros, Tampa