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  1. Letters to the Editor

Tuesday's letters: Social media is making us anti-social

Unfair foreclosure? Hold on there | May 17

Truer to call it anti-social media

As a clinical psychologist I have become increasingly concerned with the effects of social media on our thinking ability and judgment. Mistakes in both are apparent in the commotion over the foreclosure of an individual's house and, in particular, the subsequent harassment of the Dunedin staffers and the threats to the mayor. Today's social media reinforce an immediate response that hijacks those areas of the brain that can give us perspective. The more we react unthinkingly, the more likely we are to do so in the future. While we may pride ourselves on being a civilization, our behavior suggests we are becoming less civilized as time goes by. All events have contexts, and if we do not consider these, we are doing ourselves and others an injustice.

Anthony Moore, Tampa

Abortion laws are on the right track | Column, May 19

What pro-life could look like

For those who think they're supporting politicians who are "saving babies," please think again. You're being played like a fiddle by these self-righteous hypocrites who only want your one-issue-blinded vote. This close-minded allegiance gives them the power to oppose many of the important things that anyone who is truly pro-life would support: Like making sure people's rights are more important than corporate profits. Like ensuring clean air, clean water and a healthy planet are available for all. Like ensuring access to birth control, health care and equal pay for women. I'm sorry that the ability to terminate an unwanted pregnancy goes against your moral convictions. But jailing immigrant children, polluting our planet and supporting a president who brags about sexual assault is okay? Blindly supporting a "pro-life" candidate is not the answer.

Vivienne Handy, Wimauma

I was adopted, not aborted

It just amazes me how little some women feel about unborn children. My mother got pregnant with me when she was 15. She followed my father to Wyoming, where he left her on her own. Pregnant with no money, she got aid from some kind people who helped her get back to Indiana, where her mother and grandmother lived. My mom chose against all odds to keep her child. I think about that every time I read or hear someone say that it is just a clump of cells in the woman's womb. I would like to ask every woman who has had or is thinking about an abortion, aren't you glad your mother chose life?

It's time we choose life and take the circumstances that come with getting pregnant. One way is making the father responsible in a financial way to support that child. If you don't want the child, put the child up for adoption. My wife and I adopted four children. There are many other families in the church we go to who have also adopted children. Let's give that child a chance to make an impact in this world.

Jim Byers, St. Petersburg

Accidents happen, but guns raise risks | May 19

It's not an 'accident' at all

Please refrain from referring to "accidental shooting/discharge." The correct term is "negligent discharge." A firearm does not go off by accident; it goes off unintentionally because the owner fails to show the proper respect for the weapon.

Steve Bellas, New Port Richey