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Wednesday's letters: I'll be sad to see the Rays leave Tampa Bay

Rays can't run on empty | Romano, May 5

I'll be sad to see the Rays leave

The Rays are going to leave Tampa Bay sooner or later. They have to. Attendance is never going to get better. Only one of the 10 supposed "excuses" cited and debunked by sports columnist John Romano explains why the Rays don't draw. There just are not enough Rays fans with "the discretionary income" to support the team through ticket sales.

That's almost the whole story, although I would add that too many baseball fans in the Tampa Bay market came here from somewhere else or just "grew up" with some other ball club. And now they exhibit an infuriating refusal to adopt the new home team right in front of them. They'd rather show up at the Trop a couple times a year in red caps, or black and orange caps or pinstripes, and thumb their noses at the innovative, exciting team in their own back yard.

Possibly there may be enough baseball fans in the Tampa Bay market with the discretionary income to support a major-league team. But there aren't enough Rays fans. When the Rays go, I'll do no self-recriminating. I've had full season tickets since Day One.

God bless Stuart Sternberg. He's done everything that could be done. It'll be sad when they go but, gosh, it's been a heck of a ride. Meanwhile, it ain't over yet.

Lee Craig, Treasure Island

I may not get back my right to vote for 12 years | Column, May 7

It was right to take her rights

When the writer was selling opioids, how many lives did she ruin? With that act, she gave up her rights. If the law gives her a chance to have her voting rights restored at some point, she should be grateful.

Hugo Gottlich, Spring Hill

Can't vote? Then campaign

I truly feel sorry for the writer regarding the deprivation of her right to vote. After what the Florida Legislature has done, my only hope at this point is that the thousands of people who have been denied their right to vote will take up the political cause of actively supporting and campaigning for Democrats, who overwhelmingly support the right to vote for all people. While those who have been denied the right to vote may not be able to vote, they can support campaigns and even offer to take people to voting precincts so that Florida can be rid of the Republicans who continually obstruct the wishes of the majority of our state's citizens, not only on this issue, but on several others as well.

Ralph Madison, St. Petersburg

Pinellas agrees to ICE plan | May 7

Two questionable calls

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri plans to comply with a federal order to, in effect, make Pinellas County officers part-time immigration enforcement officials. I believe our officers already have a full plate discharging their duties as they serve and protect all Pinellas citizens. I have admired and respected Sheriff Gualtieri as a dedicated public servant whose rationale seemed impeccable. But his decision to flip-flop on arming teachers in schools and this most recent announcement have me wondering.

Jim Ahearn, Clearwater

Deportation is right answer

If being here illegally and breaking our laws isn't enough to get you deported, then what is?

Hal Batey, St. Petersburg