Wednesday's letters: The nation indeed is making progress on race

Published May 14, 2019

America won't age out of racism | Column, May 14

America makes progress on race

I respectfully disagree with Colbert I. King that America won't age out of racism. We have come a long way in my lifetime. When I was a child, everyone used the N-word when referring to African Americans. When I sold my house to a black friend in 1962, one of the neighbors moved out. Others stayed. Now my children and grandchildren work and socialize across racial lines without giving it a second thought. We see more interracial marriages all the time. Progress is all around us.

What we are seeing now is the result of a president who is giving permission to the last vestiges of diehard racists to come out of the woodwork. But it is, in fact, the last gasp of racism in this country. It is a blip in the long-range progress that we will continue to make. In a few more generations, people will be all shades of tan, and no one will even notice.

Alice P. Williams, Sun City Center

Doris Day (1922-2019) | May 14

Sweet memories from Japan

I was getting off a Victory ship in Yokohama harbor in 1949 when I heard the lilting sounds of Doris Day coming from a radio on the dock. At that time she was one of the most popular singers in Japan, and her style was copied by every cabaret singer in the four islands. Her incomparable music lives to this day in my world. Incidentally, one Japanese word for "why" is "doushite," pronounced something like "doze-day," which is why so many Japanese remembered her name throughout my three-year tour. The World War II and Korean War generations will never forget her music. May she rest in peace.

Roger Oddson, Sun City Center

St. Pete can keep plastic straw ban | May 11

A vote for fair districts

Gov. Ron DeSantis suggests we vote for people who agree with our positions. That might make sense if the state wasn't so gerrymandered. The Republicans will still win the seats and continue to ignore the will of the people. If we can get fairly drawn districts, it will matter.

George Acorn, Riverview

It's Pelosi who wants to know | Letter, May 13

The Mueller report matters

I believe most Americans do care about the Mueller report. What President Donald Trump did or did not do is extremely important to me, and getting to the bottom of that is not wasting time but is, instead, determining whether our government is, or is not, working as the founders of this country intended.

Ellen Ford, St. Petersburg

Britain warns of U.S.-Iran conflict 'by accident' | May 14

Trusting intelligence now

Some time ago the findings of many of our intelligence agencies regarding Russia's attempts to meddle in the presidential elections were ignored due to a lack of confidence in their reports. Besides, even Russian President Vladimir Putin said it didn't happen. Now we have sent an aircraft carrier battle group to the Middle East because intelligence reports concluded Iran was mobilizing weaponry to harm our interests and military in that region. Just what prompted this change in confidence?

Tom Halvey, Pinellas Park