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Wednesday's letters: The widespread loss of faith is scary

Published Jun. 18

Faith faces a tough test | June 17

We need faith to move forward

The word "secular" sends a chill down my spine. In early Latin, saecularis meant "existing or continuing through ages or centuries;" the word "secular" in usage now implies the loss of contact with other ages and the moral, ethical, scientific and religious values of the past. Solutions to violence in our society focus on proximal causes and lean toward legal solutions. The widespread loss of faith must be a factor in behaviors which, in the past, were moderated or prevented by a community value system. The topic is verboten in public schools and discouraged by the structure and practice of law and politics in America. There is a book called The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt, which describes in detail how value systems and knowledge captured in a Roman Epicurean poet's work were lost for centuries and only rediscovered and recovered centuries later amid the Renaissance. It seems to me that we are repeating that process. In the meantime, lives will be lost.

Mark Reinecke, St. Petersburg

Transit tax stays, but ... | June 18

The people spoke clearly

Once again, the people are told their only recourse in changing things is through their elected officials. Never mind that 57 percent of voters in Hillsborough County passed an amendment for a 1 percent transportation tax with specific allocations and oversight. This amendment was more specific in its implementation than any in recent history, yet a judge decided the people had overstepped their legislative rights and gone around the elected county commissioners' authority. Of course, the amendment could have given the commission full oversight and probably would have passed. But it didn't. We voted for the amendment as written and it should be upheld in its entirety.

Tony Macchia, Tampa

Icelandair pulls out of Tampa International | June 18

The math isn't that hard

I find it disturbing, yet another hard example of the dumbing down of our citizenry, that in explaining the portion of passengers represented by Icelandair, the author and editors determined that it was needed to spell out what 0.1 percent represents by including the explanation that it is 1/10th of one percent. Is it a product of our educational system or maybe a product of having Alexa or Google providing our answers for us so that we don't have to apply ourselves?

Steven Glanzman, St. Petersburg

Enjoy the Rays while you can | Letter, June 15

We're fans but not at the Trop

I read with interest the letter from a gentleman who said he and his friend have Rays season tickets. I envy his ability to buy them and thank him for supporting our exciting, youthful team. The issues keeping my husband and me from attending more games are transportation, cost, parking and our ages (we are 78 and 79). We are faithful in watching on TV and rarely miss a game. Mass transit from our area (northwest Pasco County) would make it easy for us to go. We have had flex packs in the past and that helped with cost while providing good seating. We love the Rays and know that attendance needs to improve; however, getting there and paying for seats is a problem for many. We will continue to watch them on TV and try to attend a game or two during the season.

Susan Rowley, Hudson


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