Tell us the stupid and smart things you’ve bought in quarantine

Back massager? Giant onesie? Pet hair eraser?
Your front doorstep.
Your front doorstep. [ MARK LENNIHAN | AP ]
Published Aug. 18, 2020

Holler if this sounds familiar.

You’re on the couch, wondering when life will return to normal. You scroll Facebook or Instagram. And there it is. The thing you never knew you needed. And it’s on sale.

Tie-dyed sneakers. A pulsating neck pillow. A single-egg frying pan. A prairie dress that looked good on the model but looks very Nellie Oleson on you.

At the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, we were all buying toilet paper and groceries and going home. But we are now well into month five, and our purchasing resolve has slipped.

I want to know the stupidest online purchase you’ve made since you’ve been home. I will reveal my regrettable shopping choices in an upcoming column. Let’s be embarrassed together.

On a more positive note, I also would love to know if you have stumbled upon a purchase that really lived up to the hype.

Fill out this form and tell us two things:

1. The worst thing you’ve purchased in quarantine.

2. The best thing you’ve purchased in quarantine.

If you can’t see the form, click here. Answers may appear in my Tampa Bay Times column.