1. From left, Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet in the Denis Villeneuve film "Dune."
  2. Louise Erdrich's new novel is "The Sentence."
  3. Louise Penny, left, and Hillary Rodham Clinton co-authored the thriller "State of Terror."
  4. Idris Elba stars as a Philadelphia horseman named Harp in "Concrete Cowboy."
  5. Tanzanian novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah poses for a photo at his home in Canterbury, England, on Thursday, after he was announced as the winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize for Literature.
  6. In this July 2020 photo, a face mask covers the mouth and nose of one of the iconic lion statues in front of the New York Public Library Main Branch in New York. New York City's public libraries will no longer charge late fees and will waive existing fines for overdue books and other materials.
  7. Fiona Joy, 15, and her father Matt Gootson, 42, along with the book “The Kid Who Only Hit Homers” at the Crescent Lake Park baseball field in St. Petersburg.
  8. Author Lisa Unger's latest psychological thriller is "Last Girl Ghosted."
  9. The Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative is holding an October festival aimed at young adult readers. The virtual festival will give readers an opportunity to interact with critically acclaimed authors of young adult fiction. Five weekly sessions will feature a dozen authors from a variety of genres. The program begins Friday, Oct. 1.
  10. Eli Saslow's new book is "Voices From the Pandemic."
  11. Paul Wilborn, executive director of the Palladium theater is also writer and musician.
  12. Colson Whitehead won the 2020 Pulitzer prize for fiction for his novel "The Nickel Boys."
  13. A new book about the Alamo has ignited debate over the San Antonio, Texas, landmark.
  14. Craig Pittman's latest book is "The State You're In: Florida Men, Florida Women, and Other Wildlife."
  15. Lauren Groff's new novel is "Matrix."
  16. A view of the Crescent Lake water tower overlooking the Huggins-Stengel Baseball Field in St. Petersburg. Nearly 40 years ago, eccentric New York author Byron Priess published "The Secret," a book of fairy tale-like cryptic paintings and correlating verses that double as clues in a treasure hunt he created for 12 jewels. So far, only three have been unearthed and the author died without providing more clues. But a Nashville father and daughter believe clues point to one being buried near Crescent Lake Park's Huggins-Stengel Field.
  17. (Left to right) Tony Panaccio, Reginald Roundtree, John Wilson and Paul Wilson are working on a book and movie about how Panaccio and John and Paul Wilson's coverage of Ted Bundy's execution forever linked their lives.
  18. Louise Erdrich's 2020 novel, "The Night Watchman," won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. She will be a featured author at the 29th annual Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading in November.
  19. Honoree Fanonne Jeffers' debut novel is "The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois."
  20. Stephen King writes about a hired killer's last job in "Billy Summers."
  21. James Lee Burke, whose latest novel is "Another Kind of Eden," lives in Montana.
  22. A participant dressed up as Spiderman poses for a photo during the Megacon Orlando in 2017.
  23. Naomi Hirahara's new historical novel is "Clark and Division."