Looking for something to read? Try StoryBundle

The website gathers works from indie authors and operates on a pay-what-you-can model. Local authors Tenea Johnson and JD Scott are included on the site.
The Innovation Worlds bundle on StoryBundle is curated by local author Tenea Johnson.
The Innovation Worlds bundle on StoryBundle is curated by local author Tenea Johnson. [ Courtesy of Tenea Johnson ]
Published Aug. 17, 2020

Local author Tenea Johnson first found out about StoryBundle a few years ago, when one of her books was selected for inclusion in a Pride bundle.

At, a “bundle” is a group of anywhere from six to nine books by indie authors that are grouped together in themes. Readers can purchase all of the titles for one price — a price they can set themselves.

According to StoryBundle’s FAQs:

“One of the central concepts is that you get to decide how much each bundle is worth to you. Think each individual book in a bundle of five books is worth $2? That’s fine! Pay $10 and get five books! Only think they’re worth $1 each because you’re not sure if you like a certain genre? That’s fine too. If you want to reward these authors and encourage more independent writers by giving a bit more, that’s fantastic as well. One reason we started StoryBundle is because indie authors need our support, and we want to do our part in showcasing awesome writers.”

The bundles are only available for a limited amount of time, just a few weeks, but once they are purchased you receive a downloadable link and can read them at your own pace. If you miss the bundle, you can purchase books directly from the author.

The bundles are often curated by authors. Johnson curated a bundle of Afrofuturism books last year. Her curated bundle that is up right now is called Innovation Worlds, about which she writes:

“Innovation can mean the difference between progress and stagnation, wonder and woe, seeing the return of dim days or a new age of enlightenment. An innovative world is one where you can immerse yourself and learn something new, see a trope turned on its head, meet characters that will frequent the passages of your mind, navigating by the spark of newness they carry through the gloom.”

Her own book, Blueprints for Better Worlds, is on the bundle and includes a digital Easter egg surprise feature. So is Moonflower, Nightshade, All the Hours of the Day by local author JD Scott.

She said that she likes StoryBundle because it gives indie and small press writers a chance to work together to increase their reach and provides readers with a low-risk way of discovering new authors and work.

“The cooperative business model lets you be an owner and not just a worker,” she said.

A portion of the payment of the bundle can also be designated to Mighty Writers, a nonprofit that supports young authors, Johnson said.

The Innovation Worlds bundle will expire on Aug. 27.