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Patrick Wilson, aka ‘that guy,’ goes viral: ‘My plan has been thwarted’

The hilarious reason the St. Pete native turned movie star trended on Twitter this morning.
Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson in the FX television series "Fargo."
Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson in the FX television series "Fargo."
Published Sep. 1, 2020
Updated Sep. 1, 2020

Do you know the name Patrick Wilson?

Despite the St. Petersburg native appearing in “a million movies,” the idea that most people don’t know the man’s name hit home for hundreds of thousands of Twitter users overnight who liked or replied to a tweet featuring Wilson’s famous face with the caption, “The mf really said i’m gonna be in a million movies but absolutely refuse to be famous.”

All the attention led to a Tampa Bay Times editor assigning this story on “Paul Wilson” going viral on Twitter, thus proving that yes, everyone loves that guy, but his name is sometimes hard to recall.

“Patrick Wilson” was a trending topic on Twitter by Tuesday morning and had drawn responses from many impassioned Wilson fans and one very familiar looking actor. Some guy by the name of, *checks notes,* Patrick Wilson.

Patrick Wilson, who graduated from St. Petersburg’s Shorecrest Preparatory School before going on to star in dozens of hit films, including Phantom of the Opera, Watchmen, Aquaman and the Insidious and Conjuring horror franchises, is the son of retired Tampa Bay anchorman John Wilson and brother of current Fox 13 anchor, Mark Wilson.

The replies to the original tweet became mostly a love fest for Wilson’s ability to be “great every f---ing time” he’s on screen, whether you have to look his name up on IMDB or not. They also made it clear that, Hey, we know who that guy is in Tampa Bay: “our news anchors brother.” (And also, hey, that’s my brother.)

Wilson doesn’t seem to have a problem with the perception. He recently had a non-speaking cameo in The Assistant (now streaming on Hulu), in which he played himself in the role of unnamed “famous actor,” having an awkward elevator encounter with a woman who obviously recognizes him.

Here’s some more praise for PATRICK WILSON:

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