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Tampa Bay couples featured on new TLC show ‘You, Me & My Ex’

After divorce, the husband and wife moved on. Then she asked him to be a sperm donor.
From Left: Danielle Rappahahn, Josh Rappahahn, Jennifer Vasquez and Chantel Vasquez. The Tampa Bay-area couples are featured on TLC's new show, "You, Me & My Ex."
From Left: Danielle Rappahahn, Josh Rappahahn, Jennifer Vasquez and Chantel Vasquez. The Tampa Bay-area couples are featured on TLC's new show, "You, Me & My Ex." [ Courtesy of TLC ]
Published Jul. 9

About halfway through a promo trailer for TLC’s You, Me, & My Ex, three women and a man sit on the same couch.

“This is my first baby mama,” says the sole man, Josh Rappahahn. “This is my second baby mama. And that is, hopefully, my third baby mama.”

The blonde woman sitting on his left, Baby Mama No. 1, chimes in with a smile.

“We are definitely not sister wives, but my ex-husband’s sperm is in my wife.”

This is just one of the complicated story lines on You, Me, & My Ex. The show, which premiered on June 20, follows five couples whose everyday lives are still impacted by their former partners. Rappahahn and his family are from the Tampa Bay area.

“Viewers will watch these couples navigate the uncomfortable and awkward moments when a past love is still front and center,” reads a release from TLC. “Relationships, marriage and children are no longer one-size-fits-all as the couples in this series redefine the norm, break the rules and forge their own paths towards the lives and families they want and dream of.”

One big family

Josh Rappahahn was married to Jennifer Vasquez for five years. They even had a kid together. But then they divorced, and each moved on.

Josh and his new wife, Danielle Rappahahn, had their own child. His ex-wife Jennifer fell in love with and married her co-worker, Chantel. Along the way, they realized how important it would be to have a stable environment for Josh and Jennifer’s son.

Now Jennifer and Chantel want a baby of their own, and have turned to Josh to become a sperm donor. They all live close together, near the Spring Hill and Brooksville border.

The blended family’s story will appear starting in the show’s July 11 episode. They hope that showing their family dynamic helps others in similar situations.

“A driving factor was getting our message to the world about co-parenting and raising your kids in a healthy environment,” said Danielle Rappahahn.

Josh Rappahahn acknowledges that the teasers and trailers have already generated a buzz.

“Everybody that I see is like, ‘How many baby mamas do you have?’” he said, in regards to the show’s promotional material. “It’s so funny that that’s out there right now, because that’s not our story.”

The family had no idea what the other storylines on the show would be like. They found out the other family dynamics when they watched the trailers.

The family’s ultimate goal, Josh said, is to show what it looks like when you work together to raise kids. It’s not just about being civil — the couples have developed a friendship.

“When you’re getting divorced from somebody, you don’t have to hate each other,” he said. “Especially when there’s kids involved.”

This was especially important to the three women of the family. Each came from divorced families growing up.

“We just wanted to make it different for our kids,” Danielle Rappahahn said. “Because it wasn’t always easy for us, for sure.”

The family spends three to four days a week together, sharing family dinners and taking turns picking up the kids.

“It takes a village to raise children,” Jennifer Vasquez said. “And this is our village.”

How to watch

You, Me & My Ex airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.