1. This portrait of Robert Meacham was taken around 1870. Meacham was an enslaved man who was later elected Florida senator.
  2. Eric Newman, president of J.C. Newman Cigar Company, with a bail of Cuban tobacco that was purchased before the embargo.
  3. Cardno Archaeologist KC Allen uses a trowel as she explores a grave shaft at Zion Cemetery in Tampa in June  2020.
  4. Tampa's Black neighborhood known as the Scrub as it looked in the 1930s. The downtown neighborhood was later razed.
  5. The home at 129 Buena Vista Drive S in Dunedin seen during the years W.K. Kellogg owned it.
  6. This retention pond, next to the the Italian Club cemetery at 2520 E 24th Ave, in Tampa, is where a mass grave was allegedly witnessed in the 1970s when the city was digging there.
  7. Rainbow flags flying in front of local businesses or in shop windows, as well as art installations and other decorations during 2018's St. Pete Pride celebration.
  8. The Y. Pendas y Alvarez Cigar Factory at 2301 North Albany Ave. in Tampa. 
[Times (2019)]
  9. "Alligator Candy" is a new podcast hosted by David Kushner. It explores the murder of his brother in Tampa in 1973.
  10. Andreas Salivaras “truly felt honored when someone would walk into his restaurant and spent money there,” said daughter Sofia Zaronias. “Whether it was a cup of coffee or a five-course meal, every single customer was such a blessing and honor.”
  11. David Baldwin, left, grandson of Dansville founder Dan Henry, reveals the historical marker honoring the Black community of Dansville alongside Pinellas County Commissioner Charlie Justice, right, during Saturday's dedication ceremony at the corner of Wilcox Road and Pine Street.
  12. The exterior of the Kellogg Mansion at 129 Bay Vista Dr. in Dunedin.
  13. A conceptual design of what the Zion Cemetery memorial park could look like.
  14. The former Melting Pot location in St. Petersburg. Mad Beach Brewing owner Matthew Powers recently purchased the property and plans to renovate the building. Urban legends abound that the place is haunted.
  15. A plat from 1887 of a Cuban burial section located on land that today is used as a parking lot by the Italian Club Cemetery
  16. Robert Irvin and Yvette Lewis with the the Hillsborough County NAACP, walk across a grassy field believed to once hold burial sections for Cubans and Blacks. Lewis would like the Italian Club, who owns the cemetery, to pay for ground penetrating radar, at the Italian Club Cemetery located in College Hill in Tampa.
  17. Actor Charles Grodin, shown here in 1994. died Tuesday at his home in Wilton, Conn., from bone marrow cancer. He was 86.
  18. Holly Boggs (left) worked as a paramedic (and firefighter) for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. She was one of the first firefighters to be state-certified as a paramedic.
  19. A pedestrian is seen at Memorial Park Cemetery in Tampa. The cemetery opened in 1919 and was recently cleaned up by the City of Tampa after the former owner had died and left the grounds in disrepair.
  20. The movie poster for "The Beast Comes at Midnight," which is tentatively scheduled to begin filming throughout the Tampa area in July.
  21. Cardno Archaeologist KC Allen uses a trowel as she explores a grave shaft at Zion Cemetery in Tampa.
  22. A view from inside Dunedin's "Kellogg Mansion," which was built in the 1920s and was once home to cereal magnate W.K. Kellogg.
  23. The  “Honor to Mothers of the World,” a statue that more recently stood outside the German Club building, is seen at a storage facility in Tampa.