Watch: 10-year-olds from Tampa Bay rock out to Disturbed in viral TikTok

Screaming Metal Deathtrap, a band of head-banging elementary schoolers, is headed to the national Battle of the Bands.
Screaming Metal Deathtrap performs at the Lutz Bach to Rock Battle of the Bands on Sunday, June 11, 2023.
Screaming Metal Deathtrap performs at the Lutz Bach to Rock Battle of the Bands on Sunday, June 11, 2023. [ Courtesy of Doogie Productions ]
Published June 15|Updated June 15

What happens when a group of elementary school-aged rock stars gets “down with the sickness”? Nearly 2 million people take notice.

On Sunday, 19 bands from the Lutz location of music school Bach to Rock competed in a Battle of the Bands at the Orpheum in Tampa. Screaming Metal Deathtrap came out in all black, head-banging and shredding to heavy metal band Disturbed’s “Down With the Sickness.”

Three of the band members — drummer Carlos and guitarists Axton and Matas — are 10 years old. Singer and bassist Parker, the son of the school’s owner, is 12.

A parent posted the video to TikTok Monday with the words: “Elementary school kids these days...”

As of Wednesday night, the video had racked up 1.9 million views.

“Telling my kids this was Disturbed,” wrote another.

The same parent also shared a video of Screaming Metal Deathtrap covering Metallica. As one commenter put it: “These kids haven’t even lost all their baby teeth and they rock harder than some rockstars with dentures.”


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The Lutz franchise of Bach to Rock has about 400 students. Some just take lessons, but others have formed bands, said owner Rick Schmidt.

Schmidt, who also owns the Lake Mary/Orlando location, said his students choose to study whichever artists interest them, from AJR to John Coltrane.

Along with middle school division band Fear the Hammer, Screaming Metal Deathtrap will go on to compete against the winning bands from more than 50 other Bach to Rock locations across the country on July 2. Bands will submit videos to be judged virtually.

“If we win the national Battle of the Bands, then we’ll be Champa Bay again,” Schmidt said.

As the TikTok views continue to rise, Schmidt and 98 Rock (WXTB-FM) disc jockey Big Rig are working to get the video noticed by Disturbed’s singer, David Draiman.

Watch the now-viral video:


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