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Tampa Bay area pets looking for new homes

Reid, Ryder, Queen Elizabeth, Loki and Cholula. They all want to brighten your home with a little love.

Pinellas — Reid

Reid is an outgoing, 1-year-old mixed breed dog. He won’t hesitate to jump up and sit next to you on a park bench. He loves face kisses, walking by your side and playing with his squeaky toys. He’s neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you’re interested in making him a new family member, fill out an application at, or call (727) 522-6566.

Reid wants to spend his time sitting next to you on a park bench or walking by your side. [ Friends of Strays ]

Manatee — Ryder

Ryder is a fun loving 9-month-old male dog who’s learning to navigate the world. He loves to roll around in the dirt and play with his friends. With reinforcement from treats, he’s a quick learner, but would benefit from a strong hand for training. He recently learned how to sit. If you’d like to become his training buddy, call the Humane Society of Manatee County at (941) 747-8808.

Ryder loves rolling in the dirt and playing with his friends. [ Humane Society Manatee County ]

Pasco — Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth, or Lizzie, is a pint sized tabby who’s always purring. She’s very active. If she were human, she’d be the leader of the neighborhood welcome wagon. She loves to jump in your lap and head butt your legs to be the center of attention. She’s had a chronic upper respiratory infection since she arrived at the shelter. Team members have it under control and can show you how to care for it. To adopt her, contact Pasco County Animal Services at (813) 929-1212.

Queen Elizabeth like to jump in your lap and head butt your legs to be the center of attention. [ Pasco County Animal Services ]

Hernando — Loki

Loki is a 3-year-old, red and brown, male Terrier mix. He’s a super happy dog. His little butt never stops wiggling and you see his eyes smiling at you. He loves people, but doesn’t get along with cats or small prey. He recently passed a urinary stone, so he must be kept on a special diet for prevention. For more information/availability, contact Hernando County Animal Services at (352) 796-5062.

Loki is so happy, his butt never stops wiggling. [ Hernando County Animal Services ]

Hillsborough — Cholula

Cholula, or Lula, is a bit shy around humans. She was found abandoned near a gas station. Now, she’s learned the luxurious life of sunning on an indoor lanai. She best for a home with other cats. For adoption information, go to, or find them on Facebook @StFrancisAnimalRescue.

Cholula was abandoned, but quickly learned the luxurious life of sunning on an indoor lanai. [ St. Francis Animal Rescue ]