Paralyzed kitten finds mobility and a home thanks to Brandon pet rescue group

A Kitten Place went above and beyond to help the 7-month-old cat.
Nutmeg testing out his new wheelchair.
Nutmeg testing out his new wheelchair. [ Courtesy of Walkin' Pets ]
Published July 28, 2022|Updated July 29, 2022

A Brandon pet rescue group not only helped a paralyzed 7-month-old kitten regain mobility, it also found a forever home for him and his brother.

At just a few weeks old, Nutmeg, a male kitten, was found with injuries resulting in paralysis of both his hind legs. Unable to walk, he was forced to drag himself around with his front two legs.

A Kitten Place in Brandon rescued him and his brother, Sage. They reached out to Walkin’ Pets, a company that manufactures mobility devices for aging and disabled animals.

A Kitten Place “wanted to provide Nutmeg with the help he needed to live a more active, independent lifestyle,” said Jennifer Pratt of Walkin’ Pets.

Walkin’ Pets happily donated a rear wheelchair to help Nutmeg regain his mobility.

Then they went one step further and connected A Kitten Place with a couple in Massachusetts who were interested in adopting Nutmeg and Sage together.

A Kitten Place flew both kittens from Florida to Massachusetts, where they met their new family for the first time.

“He is already getting acclimated and adjusted to the chair, and I think this is going to be a great journey for him,” said Sam Franciosa, Nutmeg’s new owner. “The vets are optimistic that with the help of the wheels, laser therapy and acupuncture, Nutmeg will one day regain his mobility back.”