Like many 'Sister, Brother' relationships, this forgottten hit is dysfunctional too

Published April 7, 2016

While not recognized by the federal government, Sunday is Sibling Day. For most, the celebration will be limited to posting of embarrassing pictures on Facebook if you even choose to celebrate it all. Here at SIT80's, we've give Sibling Day the Lost and Found treatment with the very bizarre video of Sister, Brother from the Afghan Whigs.

The Afghan Whigs are a Cincinnati band led by lead singer Greg Dullii and their combination of boozy singing and odd guitar rhythms caught the ear of many a curious alternative rock listeners in the '90s with Modern Rock semi-hits like Turn On The Water, Miles Iz Ded, Gentlemen and Debonair. Before the '80s ended, the Afghan Whigs were catching the eye of record companies and newly formed Sub Pop Records sprung for a name director (Phil Harder) to make an attention-grabbing video for the 1989 single-only Sister, Brother.

In full disclosure the video for Sister, Brother does not have anything to do with siblings as like most alternative songs, the lyrics to Sister, Brother are vague and nonsensical at best although director Harder seems to have an interesting take on it with his art house theater presentation of the Sister, Brother - The Play that is broken into four acts. Act 1 introduces us to the Afghan Whigs, the two stage performers and several members of the audience. Act 2 is when things get odd as the play content provokes a variety of emotions in the audience and things spiral out of control from there making Sister, Brother is one of the more head-scratching videos in recent Lost and Found history.

Like many bands, the Afghan Whigs fought their labels, broke up and reunited again. Their last effort was the 2014 album Do The Beast.