Tampa Bay Times Logos

The Tampa Bay Times logo is the most visible expression of our brand and should not be altered or used in any manner other than described below.

Approval before use is required. Please refer to the minimum size and color requirements to stay within brand standards. Download the Times Branding Style Guide.

Download Instructions

Versions of the logos are available below for you to download in black, cmyk, spot or white. Formats available are eps, jpg or gif except for white logos which are available as eps and gif only. Download your choice by clicking the link below the logo.

Tampa Bay Times Section

We have provided both stacked and horizontal versions. The stacked logo is preferred but please use the version that best fills the space. The Old English “Tampa Bay Times” letters should only appear in black. If a reverse is needed, then the preferred usage is white reversed out of Times green (Pantone 342 or process 100C, 0M, 71Y, 43K). Minimum width 2" wide for the Horizonal Times logo. Minimum width 1/4" wide for the Stacked Times logo. Please do not use an Old English font in place of the logo. The logo police are watching.

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