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Looking sweet upon the seat of a borrowed bike

First of all, thank you to the person who parked their pretty blue bike outside the Tampa Bay Times offices, providing the perfect prop for a My Outfit Monday post.

Second of all, in your face Labor Day! You have come and gone and I'm still wearing my white jeans with pride. They go with everything.

This sweater, however, seems to only go with my white jeans. I love it but if I try it with black, I feel I'm channeling Mini Mouse. With any other color, I think of a crayon box. I'm open to any suggestions because I love the multiple sizes of the polka dots and the three quarter length sleeves. It was an impulse buy at a sample sale at a friend's house a year ago, but I barely wear it.

My shoes are from the Aerosoles outlet in Ellenton. They are very comfortable and the tan suede make them a good transition from summer to fall. Even better, they are from their A2 collection. So if you take them off and the label shows you don't look like you borrowed your grandmother's shoes.

I didn't buy the suede guard the they tried to sell me because I thought I'd seem gullible if I accepted the cash register add-on. But now I wish I'd paid the extra $10 for it because my right shoe has some scuff marks on it. I'm going to try some suede cleaner for $5 and see if I can still come out ahead. I'll let you know. I know how worried you must be.