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Madeira Beach's R.O.C. Park: From Boy George to Everclear, 2015's most surprising concert venue

On Saturday, the city of Madeira Beach will host a day-long music festival headlined by Boy George and Culture Club at R.O.C. Park, the centerpiece of its shiny new $10-million municipal complex. It's the park's third major music fest of the summer, and likely the biggest, with 4,600 tickets sold at last count — more than the population of Madeira Beach itself.

"It's all been a drastically new deal for a rec center," said Doug Andrews, Madeira Beach's director of parks and recreation. "We're the guys rolling out the kickball so kids can play kickball. None of my staff has ever done anything like this before."

Andrews admits the learning curve on the first two hit-and-miss shows has been steep. But if this one goes well, it could usher in a new era of entertainment for the city.

"All the other ones were kind of dry runs," he said. "This is the big one. This is our Super Bowl. That's how we're treating it. We put on a good show here, guess what? Sky's the limit."

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