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Making this video was anything but a dream for Dokken

Published Oct. 24, 2017

It might be hard to explain to someone who see Nightmare On Elm Street at the theater in 1984 how scary and original it was before countless sequels were made milking the legend of Freddy Krueger. While an movie about an urban legend was quite original in 1984, there are many stories about the debauchery on music video sets in the '80s, so what better forum to tell the story behind the Dokken video for Dream Warriors.

Even though it made its debut in 1984, the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise still crammed in five movies during the '80s. While all the sequels pale to the original, the sequel that was considered the best was 1987's Dream Warriors. Just as the original Nightmare heralded the film debut of Johnny Depp, Dream Warriors is notable for the film debut of Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette.

Dokken was one of L.A.'s most exciting heavy metal bands in the '80s and in 1987 they paired up with executive producer Wes Craven to provide the title song for third movie in the series - Dream Warriors. Dokken just got lucky and had the good fortune to have both Arquette and Freddy Krueger himself - Robert Englund star in their video.

Things got interesting on the set of Dream Warriors as according to lead guitarist George Lynch in a interview with Metal Sludge, the band decided to do some coke before shooting. Robert Englund dropped by the Dokken trailer in full Freddy costume not only to partake in the nose candy, but also served the band their hits off his razor fingers. Lynch recalls being so coked out of his mind during the shoot that it took hours for them to finally get an acceptable take of him breaking through the wall at the 3:00 mark in the video as he was so weak from the drugs that he constantly messed up barreling through the break-away wall and the crew kept having to rebuild the wall and shoot again.

As with all things Hollywood, things ended on a happy note in the Dream Warriors video as Freddy apparently is among the minority who doesn't like Rockin' with Dokken. It was not only the drugs, but the egos that resulted in Lynch leaving Dokken for the first time in 1989 and Dokken still carries on without him.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly reported earlier this month that Englund (now 70 years old) considers himself too old to play Freddy Krueger again. In total, Englund made eight Nightmare movies and there was a ninth Freddy movie made in 2010 with Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy.


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