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As legislators wait for Gov. Rick Scott, they put a freeze on his priorities

Legislative eyes are on Gov. Rick Scott on today as he decides whether to sign or veto three high profile bills – on alimony, ethics reform and campaign finance reform.

The House and Senate have noticed. On hold have been several of the govenor's less-spoken about priorities: a bill to ratify a settlement with the insurance industry on Everglades, Senate confirmations of nearly 200 of his appointments, including several of his top agency heads, and a bill to expand tax exemptions for manufacturers.

The Senate is prepared to take up a version of the governor's priority this afternoon – attaching an amendment to SB 7007 -- relating to economic incentives. Because the provision needs a two-thirds vote of the chamber, both sides will need Democrats' help to pass it. Will the House Dems cooperate?

Once that happens, expect to see the governor's tell us how he's decided on the bills, and the ice could melt on the progress of the other prioirties -- or they may just die.

Speaking of melting, as the House plows forward with its partisan protest and reads every bill in its entirety, the Senate took a break -- for an ice cream social.