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Masters of the Universe, sure ... but Doctors of the Universe?

The names of Rick Derringer and Carmen Appice are not normally associated with the '80s, but we should all know better that the '80s is in everyone's DNA. In 1983, the two musicians teamed forces to make a band acronym (DNA) and an album that featured Doctors of the Universe.

While Derringer is the hotshot guitarist best known for Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo and Carmen Appice is best known his hard rock drumming, Doctors of the Universe has the patented early '80s new wave sound.

Besides the DNA side project, Derringer and Appice were in high demand in the '80s.

Derringer was helpful on Weird Al's early albums and plays the guitar solo in Eat It that mirrors Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo in Beat It. Derringer also is responsible for Hulk Hogan's wrestling anthem Real American.

Appice started off the '80s playing with Rod Stewart's band and co-wrote the hit Young Turks. In '83-84, Appice played and toured on Ozzy Osbourne's Bark At The Moon album before starting the band King Kobra.