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McShay not buying talk of Bucs taking QB Manziel

Todd McShay was fairly dismissive of the Bucs as an option for Johnny Manziel.
Todd McShay was fairly dismissive of the Bucs as an option for Johnny Manziel.
Published Apr. 30, 2014

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay held an hourlong conference call with reporters on Wednesday, and the Bucs came up twice in questions, with curious answers on both counts.

First, asked about Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, reported to be a player the Bucs are strongly considering if he's available when they are on the clock with the No. 7 overall pick, McShay was fairly dismissive of the Bucs as an option. Tampa Bay had coach Lovie Smith at his pro day and general manager Jason Licht said Tuesday that his visit to One Buc Place was "very impressive," but McShay doesn't buy it.

"I think it's 4 (Cleveland) or it's going to get really interesting," McShay said. "I think Cleveland is a good fit for him. I think the organization, if they choose to bring him in and make him the fourth pick, they have the right people in place and the right system in place.

"If St. Louis sits at 2 and takes an offensive tackle, he's not going to Jacksonville, I don't think. He's not going to Oakland, he's not going to Atlanta. I don't buy into any of the Tampa Bay rumors, and I don't think he's going to Minnesota. If he gets past those eight, he's not going to Buffalo, he's not going to Detroit, he's not going to Tennessee and he's certainly not going to New York to the Giants. There's absolutely the potential that Manziel, if he gets past 4, he could fall to 13 to St. Louis. I'm not saying St. Louis would definitely take him at 13. It's a possibility. He's on their radar. Some people in that organization that really like him."

Second, McShay was asked about former Bucs director of player personnel Dennis Hickey, now the general manager in Miami, and what he thought of his drafts in the last five years. The Bucs have only one player remaining from their 2009-10 drafts (Gerald McCoy) and have gone 28-52 in the last five seasons, but McShay didn't correlate that with poor drafting.

"Going back to Hickey, I think he drafted very well," McShay said. "They took some chances, some durability players. When you take some chances, you're taking some risks. I thought that Mason Foster pick was a really good pick. Da'Quan Bowers was a risk. They knew it at the time. They also got really good value on a first-round talent in the second round at that time. Adrian Clayborn, they got him a lot later than expected and he's started 35 games. Mark Barron started 30 games. Doug Martin, obviously dinged up, but I think both those guys are going to be really good football players for a long time in Tampa. Lavonte David is an absolute stud and that was a great value, one of the best values of that entire 2012 class.

"I think he's done a good job. Last year's group, it's way too early to tell. Mike Glennon came in and played well. I wasn't as big on Glennon, but I thought outplayed what the expectation was. It'll be interesting to see what his role is in Tampa, if he winds up hanging around with the new regime. Johnthan Banks starts all 16 games, Glennon starts 13 games, Akeem Spence starts 14 of 16 games. So early returns are very good, the last three years at least."