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Miami Vice hit the 'Big League' in Season 5 with this Tom Cochrane & Red Rider tune

Published Aug. 22, 2015

With apologies to Texas, there is probably no state that loves their football more than Florida. The Miami Vice Season Five episode, Hard Knocks, finds Crockett and Tubbs on the gridiron fields of Florida with the Tom Cochrane & Red Rider song Big League - which is a sport song, but not about football - but hockey.

Tom Cochrane & Red Rider hail from the hockey-loving country of Canada and Big League is an emotional song from the 1988 album Victory Day about a father and son. In the rocker, it seems like the family is on top of the world when the son wins a scholarship to play big-time collegiate hockey, but tragedy strikes when the son dies in an automobile accident. Tom Cochrane stills is churning out music and his latest effort Take It Home was released in February of 2015.